Xiaomi Phones are pretty good. I have a Redmi Note 3 Pro and I am quite loving the experience. However, I did notice some of the apps were not receiving notifications properly. This includes the “Inbox” app from Google and “Slack” which I need almost all day. I was getting concerned. Luckily, after some googling I found several fixes on different forums. I will quickly go through them in this post.

Enable Autostart

Enabling autostart fixes the notification issue for most people. To make sure that notifications work for a particular app, enable that app to “autostart”. This can be done from the “Permissions” section in the “Security” app. Alternatively, this can also be accessed from the “Permissions” sub menu in the “Device” section under the “Settings” app.

You can read a step by step tutorial on this here on: Xiaomi Ninja

Or you can follow this video:

Lock Apps to Memory

This is another good solution that would work. In the task manager, slightly pull down an open app and you will see the “Lock” option. Locked apps aren’t cleared from memory and they keep running. So notifications work quite fine!

Locking apps also come very handy if you don’t want to autostart a particular app, you just need it open for certain period of time. For example, I can choose to have Slack open only during my work hours.

Managing Background Activities

Go to: Settings > Battery & Performance > Manage Apps Battery Use and Choose Apps. For the apps you want, select “No Restrictions”. Setting this would tell MIUI not to terminate/interrupt any background processes from those apps.

Remember to Restart

Once you have made the changes, restart the phone. Specially after enabling autostart. Now test out the notifications and see if they work fine.