I started writing blogs when I was a shcool kid. I was in class 8 or 9 when I first signed up for Blogger and created my first blog. The concept of writing a journal that can be read by anyone from anywhere in the world was a thrilling idea for me then. I did not have full time internet access then. On my way to school, I used to visit a cyber cafe and browse the internet for sometimes. It was quite costly then and I was a student. I could not afford much time. Soon Grameen Phone launched their WAP service and Blogger had a feature to publish blog posts via email. I used to login to Gmail via a 3rd party mobile app named “gmail-mobile” kindly hosted by Neerav Modi on http://sayni.net. I soon started this service to ocassionally put my thoughts and daily stories on my blog.

I don’t remember when, but at one point, I was getting frustrated with Blogger and switched to WordPress. By then I have started writing some codes and started using Linux for my development work. I also got my personal domain name - “masnun.com”. So I moved to a self hosted version of WordPress. It was fun and liberating. There were so many cool plugins and beautiful themes. I could do so much!

For a long time, my blog has been hosted on http://masnun.com and sometimes on http://masnun.me (I was over excited to have the .me domain but I got back to the .com after some times. Both were basically the same website, powered by WordPress. By the mean time, I have experimented with some stuff and got banned from Adsense and later reddit. I also lost my rank on Google Search because of switching the domain names time to time.

As time passed by, I started writing technical stuff and my blog started seeing traffic. Today my old blog at masnun.com gets on average 600+ visits per day, all from search engines. My blog was also accepted to the Planet Python and some of my technical blog posts got featured in several places. I realized people do read good content and saw a renewed interest in blogging.

However, despite the many cool features of WordPress, I kept feeling the need of something really lightweight fast. So I decided to choose a static site generator. But I didn’t want to lose the rank or traffic to masnun.com, so I chose a new domain as well - http://masnun.rocks - call me a narcissist, but the domain is pretty cool, right?

So here I am, looking for a new beginning. This blog would be powered by Hugo which is an excellent static site generator with a large community. It is written in Golang and extremely fast!

These days, I mostly write technical content. This new blog would be no different. But I would try to write elaborate, in depth blog posts instead of the code snippet focused posts on my old blog.